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Can I Be Your Dealer ?2019-12-26T09:20:29+08:00

Welcome to become our dealer, we would cooperate and support the dealer’s work.

How Is Your Product Quality ?2019-12-26T09:19:35+08:00

Our Product is manufactured according to national standard GB/T13333-91, which can be used for your check.

Can I Have Our LOGO On The Machine ?2019-12-26T09:18:39+08:00

Of course you can.

How Long Is The Warranty Period ?2019-12-26T09:17:46+08:00

We offer 12 months warranty for the machine (main body) from the date of installation finished.

What Kind Of Logistic Service Do You Supply?2019-12-26T09:16:47+08:00

A. Transportation: railway transportation, international through transport, including (international railway through transportation, Sea-rail intermodal through transportation, sea-land multimodal transportation. Means of transport: Container, LCL, FRC, ro-ro, bulk cargo, train carriage, truck, airplane.
B. Term: FOB, CIF, DAP, to door service, etc.

What Is The Payment Term?2019-12-26T09:15:50+08:00

Payment term is negotiable and there will be favorable payment terms for long-term customers. TT, L/C, D/P, depending on the cooperation time, country and contract value.

What Is The Proportion Of Your Products Exported?2019-12-26T09:15:02+08:00

75% of our products are exported to all over the world.

Which Countries Do You Export To?2019-12-26T09:13:47+08:00

Asia: India, Philippines, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, etc.

Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Jordan, Oman, Syria, Pakistan, Qatar, etc.

Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, etc. Africa: South Africa, Kenya, Congo, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, Senegal, Tunisia, etc. South America: Brazil, Peru, Chile, Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, etc.

Oceania: Papua New Guinea, Australia, etc.

Your Price More Higher Than Other Supplier,Why?2019-12-25T17:22:17+08:00

Many customers only ask about the price when comparing the price, but do not compare the product quality with other aspects

For Example:

One Client asks price:What price of ST52 Pipe?

Supplier A: $40.00

Supplier B:$36.00

Maybe you choose Supplier B at last because of its price really very cheap. Why Happen This case.

1. The client did not give the pipe thickness, and Material, Height of Flange , Material of Flange.

(1). Thickness has many kinds: 3.0mm 3.25mm.4.0mm.4.5mm.5.0mm etc  Price:  5.0mm>4.5mm>4.0>3.25mm>3.0mm

(2). Material: St52,20#, Q235  Price St52>20#>Q235

Even More, the client has told need seamless pipe , now many factories want earn this order, they will use weld kind flange for seamless pipe, So they can make the price lower $1.00 or $2.00

So when asking our pipe price, please tell us the right informants, We will make best price according to client’s order



Which Kind Material Of Twin Pipe?2019-12-25T16:59:51+08:00

Twin Pipe :

Outside Layer: St52

Inner Layer: MN600-1

How Many Pipes Can Be Loaded To 20”Container and 40” Container2019-12-25T16:58:16+08:00

20” Container can load 260pcs pipe,max can load 300 pcs pipes

40” Container can load 600pcs pipe.max load 700 pcs pipes

Which Kind Quality Pipe We Have?2019-12-25T16:53:27+08:00

We can produce :

1.St52 Pipe  Life up to 12000m³-15000m³

2. Boom Harden Pipe  Life up to 30000m³-35000m³

3. Twin Boom Pipe   Life up to 50000m³-80000m³

4. Putzmeister 7.1mm Z/X Pipe

5. Schwing M/F Pipe

6. Slickline Pipe (Heavy Duty Pipe)

other sizes you can send us your request

I Want A Refurbished Pump Truck ,How to Buy?2019-12-25T16:42:12+08:00

Step.1: The customer first sent us the modification requirements, We will confirm the best price for the client

Step.2: you can choose the used concrete pump in my store, or We help you find one used concrete pump to remanufacture

Step.3: Remanufacture about need one month, We will take photos of the refitting process for you in time

Step.4: After Remanufacture, We will take three days to test the quality of the refurbished vehicles

Step.5: Then you can book ship ,We will send it to you in time

Which Brand Used Concrete Pump In Store?2019-12-25T16:24:17+08:00

In China now most are Sany, Zoomlion, Putzmeister, Schwing Kind.

We have many Zoomlion and Sany Kind in Store, sometimes has some Putzmeister,

But don’t worry, we have the team for the searching pump for the client, Maybe in 10days, we can help you find a good use concrete pump.


I Didn’t Find The Parts What I Need ,How To Do?2019-12-25T15:58:23+08:00

If you can not find some parts of our website, you can use this way:

I Want Confirm Your Factory,Then Buy Parts,How To Do?2019-12-25T15:31:47+08:00

Confirm Our Factory, we have two ways:

1.you can visit my factory to confirm all things

2. if you don’t have time and don’t want to come to by air to my factory, we can face to face by video to confirm all things

If Just has Part Number, Whether can make price ?2019-12-25T15:26:10+08:00

We now can make the price according to the part number of Putzmeister, Schwing, Sany, Zoomlion

Other Brand Parts, you can send to us the part number with Name、photo or size。



Which Kind Payments Accept?2019-12-25T15:19:59+08:00

Our Payments:

1. 30% T/T As an advance, And 70% before shipments

2. 30% T/T As an advance, And 70% before arrival your port (For New Client)

3. 30% T/T As an advance, And 70% L/C

4. 100% L/C

You can choose which payment is better for you.


If I make One Container,How Long Time Delivery to Us?2019-12-25T15:06:16+08:00

As usual, We product one container that need about 7-10days, Then It will take 2 days for quality inspection,at last It will take 1 day make package for all goods.

So total need about 15days



Which Spare Parts We business?2019-12-25T14:51:05+08:00

We product and business concrete pump spare parts for Putzmeister, Schwing, Cifa, Zoomlion, Sany, Sermac, IHI, Kyokuto, Niigata, etc.

  • Wear Parts
  • Hydraulic
  • Chromed Cylinders
  • Pumping Piston
  • Spritz System
  • Remote Control


You Can check our websit:https://www.putzmeisterparts.com/products/

Or check part number from here:https://www.putzmeisterparts.com/brand/

Contact Info

602Room Jiefang Road,Yunhe Area,Cangzhou City,China

Mobile: +86 18503174131

Web: www.putzmeisterparts.com

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